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Y-Internet Business Packages

Basic Package

Excellent for small business.

Download speed. 1mb Download Upload speed. 1mb Upload
Total Monthly Data Limit 50gb

Intermediate Package

Excellent for the small to medium business.

Download speed. 2mb Download Upload speed. 2mb Upload
Total Monthly Data Limit 60gb

Advanced Package

Excellent for the medium to large business.

Download speed. 3mb Download Upload speed. 3mb Upload
Total Monthly Data Limit 75gb

Expert Package

Excellent for the large business with high demands.

Download speed. 4mb Download Upload speed. 4mb Upload
Total Monthly Data Limit 100gb
All prices plus IVA.


Who is Y-Internet.com?

Y-Internet.com is the trading name of Foster Global Telecommunications S.L. (FGT) a Spanish company based in Calahonda.

Y-Internet.com provides fast symmetrical internet services for the business community via their wireless network.

Y-Interent.com is a fully Government licensed internet service provider via the use of Radio transmission methods (WIFI / WIMAX etc) and wired methods.

Y-Internet.com has being operating successfully for over five years, providing high speed internet services from Nerja to Estepona.

Y-Internet Services

The services of Y-Internet.com are provided via wireless links from the premises of a business client to a distribution point managed by and maintained by YI.

Y-Internet enables businesses to transfer, store and communicate up to 20 times faster than traditional methods provided by the likes of Telefonica and BT etc. There is NO NEED for a telephone line or connection to any part of the Telefonica network.

A Y-Internet connection enables a business to perform up to 60 or more, simultaneous VOIP calls.

Y-Internet can provide multiple static public IPs, over a single connection.

Y-Internet provides web site and email hosting locally, so it is easy to get a fast response to any related issues.

Advice, support and maintenance of clients IT and telephone infrastructure.

Difference to Other Providers

The difference between the services of Y-Internet.com and other providers are that:

  1. Y-Internet is a locally based company providing a service and employment opportunities within the local and surrounding areas.
  2. Y-Internet is based in Calahonda thereby enabling users to visit or call us for advice and guidance without the need to call / visit a far off none co-operative office / service.
  3. Y-Internet provides customer support in English and Spanish.
  4. Y-Internet responds to the needs of the business community fast, providing connections in a matter of days rather than weeks or even months.


For a detailed explanation and demonstration of Y-Internet.com’s services and capabilities we are happy to meet with individual clients and organisations at the location that our services are required.  Please do not hesitate to call for more information.


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