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Connect to our High Speed Internet.
How can you get connected to one of our WiMax and WiFi Internet High Speed Broadband Access Points?

For those who do not want or need either a 4G or 3G MiFi type connection,  Y-Internet have their own privately owned and managed WiMax and Wi-Fi network for over 10 years, and are the longest established company providing these services for over 10 years on the Costa Del Sol. The location and number of Internet Access Points currently deployed by Y-Internet.com on the Costa del Sol is over 1000 but we are continually increasing their number so we can achieve our aim of offering our services to the majority of the residents and visitors to the Costa del Sol.  The Access Points (APs) have been deployed and set up so you are able to connect in one of the following ways.

Laptop Only

Connect to Y-Internet using your laptop.Where a user only wants to connect just a single laptop at a time, and they are close enough with clear line of sight to a Y-Internet.com Access Point, it may be possible to connect to our system with just their wireless laptop or PDA.

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USB Booster

Y-Internet signal boosters.Where a user only wants to connect just a single laptop at a time, and they are NOT close enough to an Access Point to connect with just their laptop, they will need to purchase and use a WiFi USB booster.  This equipment allows the users’ computer to increase its WiFi signal strength by up to 8 times more than a laptop on its own. Y-Internet.com are able to provide, sell and install a low cost, high performance WiFi USB booster if a client comes to our offices with the computer that requires this type of equipment.

Residential Installation

get connected residential installation sxt

Where a user wants to be able to connect more than one computer at a time, and/or from anywhere within their home they will need a residential installation.  (Such an installation is also required where connection is not possible as per the two options detailed above or should you want to use TV over the interent services such as Netflix).  A residential installation comprises of a sender / receiver module placed on the outside of a clients home that then links to a 4 Port Wireless router within their property.  This then allows them to connect as many items as they want (computers, PDAs X-box etc) to their very own private encrypted network.

The installation would incur a one off charge of only €175 plus IVA (unless you opt for one of our Special Offers), and is approximately 50% cheaper than that of our competitors.  Our low price for the residential install is based on our simple belief that we should not make money from the supply of any necessary equipment but from the internet service we provide.

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To access the services of Y-Internet.com, there is NO NEED for a telephone line. To see if it is possible to connect with just your laptop or PDA, simply switch on your Wi-Fi device and look for one of our signals near you and connect.  You can then buy instant access via the Login Page using PAYPAL or buy a prepaid scratch card from one of many locations throughout the Costa del Sol.  Alternatively contact our office for details of the different methods of obtaining access.

Most of our signals that you can connect to will contain our customer support telephone number 952932266.

If you are unable to view our signals or connect with just your laptop we can provide a FREE SURVEY by one of our Engineers who will then inform you what is necessary to connect to our Broadband Internet Service.  If an installation is required or requested we can usually install this within 24 hours of a request being made.

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