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3G MiFi

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What Is 3G and 3G MiFi Internet?

3G is simply the abbreviated term for the 3rd Generation of Mobile Telecommunication Technology.   It has been around for some time and is still currently the main basis of enabling high speed internet access to mobile devices over the Mobile (GSM) networks.  Indeed we have become very accustomed to using this service with little thought on our mobile communication devices such as mobile phones and tablets etc whilst travelling around.

Although this technology has been surpassed by 4G (the 4th and faster plus newest generation of Mobile Telecommunications Technology), 3G is still the most widely used method of getting mobile data access due to 4G availability not being so widely available.

3G MiFi is simply a method of providing an internet over a 3G connection with mobility being the critical reason of offering the service.  Hence the term My Mobile Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi as the abbreviated term for the service.

3G MiFi Internet

Consequently due to the wide availability of 3G coverage and the need for an internet connection almost where ever you go within Spain, we continue to provide a Spanish high speed 3G MiFi Internet Service with a Fair User Policy via our TP-Link M5 3G battery operated 3G routers.  Our 3G MiFi router enables up to 10 WiFi devices to simultaneously connect to it wirelessly.

The size of this pebble shaped 3G MiFi internet router is so small and light you will not even notice you are carrying it wherever you go on the Costa Del Sol and Spain.  However due to its size and small weight it enables you to take your high speed internet with you wherever you and your family go thereby cutting the traditional strings of only being able to use your internet connection in your home.

So forget having to stay in to get that all important email or Skype call whilst you are in Spain, or even children and spouses who will not go out side your Spanish accommodation due to insisting they need to be connected to the internet, our 3G MiFi Internet high speed service brings an end to all of this, and truly enables you to be free of any such reasons not to get out there and enjoy your time whilst being here on the Costa Del Sol or anywhere else in Spain.

3G MiFi Router Hardware Prices – From Only €66.08 + IVA

Our 3G MiFi router can be purchased directly from our offices for only €66.08 + IVA; and will be set up to use our 3G MiFi internet service, so you will need to do very little to get access to this excellent high speed 3G Internet service.  At these prices you can be ensured that not only are our prices competitive, but we have an office with an excellent Customer Service Team available to help you in your purchasing decision and to support you whilst using our 3G MiFi data services.

3G MiFi Internet Usage Costs – From Only €54.54 + IVA

In addition with prices from as little as €54.54 + IVA per month, there is no excuse not to get out and about and still have high speed internet access for all of your family where ever you may be.

PAYG 3G MiFi Internet Service – From €61.98 + IVA

Y-Internet are the leading company in the provision of short term internet solutions within the Costa Del Sol and Spain, including services for part time residents and one off holiday makers.  Our Pay As You Go (PAYG) internet access services have been available for over 10 years.

Our 3G MiFi Internet Service can be obtained from our offices based in Calahonda, on the Costa Del Sol, Spain for as little as two weeks at very reasonable rates with a simple deposit payable on the hardware required until its return.

This service is perfect for the occasional residential visitor or for those who are unable to get a fast and reliable ADSL connection such as residents on campsites etc.

3G MiFi Internet Additional Questions

For more information about obtaining our 3G MiFi Internet Service or if you already have a 3G device and want to obtain your services from Spains most professional and reliable internet provider all at a reasonable price, then please call our office now on 952-932-266 or contact or visit our offices.