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Y-Internet – 4G, WiMax & Fiber Optic Internet, Sitio de Calahonda, Spain.
  • 4G Internet Services - Y-Internet, Sitio de Calahonda, Spain H01
    4G Service from Y-Internet.  4G offers much higher speeds than 3G and many ADSL connections. Depending on where you are, you can expect download speeds of up to 30Mb - that's really fast!


4G Internet Unlimited

4G Internet Unlimited
4G Internet Service from Y-Internet. 4G offers much higher speeds than 3G and many ADSL connections. Depending on where you are, you can expect download speeds of up to 70Mb - that's really fast!

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic Internet

Super Fast Fiber Optic Internet
Speeds up to 600Mb.  FREE International TV!  English speaking technicians and customer service!  ON/OFF Service. Only pay for the months you want internet!

Smart Home

Smart Home
Smart home technology, or 'home automation', is the control of your home from anywhere in the world. Control and monitor devices such as lights, heating, cameras and sensors remotely via your phone or computer or with Google or Alexa.

WiMax Internet

WiMax Internet
Wimax & 4G Internet - Fast, Reliable, Flexible.  30 MB 4G & 10 MB Wimax Connections, with free UK FTA TV, and 14 day Catchup. Unlimited Downloads. Flexible connectivity, from one day, one week, one month. English speaking technicians & customer service.


4G, WiMax & Fiber Optic Internet, Smart Home Technology

Convenient, Reliable Wi-Fi & Internet from Y-Internet!  Y-Internet have the largest WiFi network on the Costa del Sol, covering almost all of the more popular areas. If you are here on the Costa and need an internet connection, speak to us, we can help!  We offer permanent home internet installations - Fiber, 4G or WiMax - or temporary/holiday connections for those only here for a week, or two.


Y-Internet.com, the leading Internet & Wi-Fi provider on the Costa del Sol

With offices in Sitio de Calahonda, Y-Internet are at the heart of the Costa del Sol, offering premium internet solutions for those living here permanently, or those visiting!  Our internet packages are tuned to your needs, so if you're only here for a couple of months of the year, you only pay for a couple of months internet!


If you think we can help you, please get in touch!  Call our Calahonda office on (+34) 952 932 266, email cs@y-internet.com or drop in to see us in CC El Campanario, just next to Lidl.


A Reliable Service from Y-Internet

One of the few Government Licensed companies on the Costa Del Sol, Y-Internet provide secure, high speed 4G Internet and 3G MiFi Internet to many homes and businesses throughout Spain and the Spanish Islands, and also class leading WiMax and WiFi connections from Torremolinos to Puerto Banus; and in land areas covering Ojen, Calanova Golf, La Cala Golf etc.

With over three decades of experience in the communications industry, encompassing global provision of 4G Internet and 3G MiFi Internet services, in addition to WiMax and WiFi internet access, our certified engineers can connect your home, business or community to one of our fast and secure wireless networks.  All of our services have a Fair User Policy.

Our 4G Internet and 3G MiFi services are available to almost every home or business anywhere within Spain. Whilst our Wi-Max and Wi-Fi extensive networks enables us to provide coverage and access to our wireless broadband internet connections to over 1,000,000 homes and businesses.

Furthermore we provide WiFi HOTSPOT access in bars and cafes in areas such as Elviria, Calahonda, Riviera, Calypso, Miraflores, La Cala, El Faro, Marbella etc.


‘Live on the Costa del Sol?

Y-Internet at home.If you live here permanently or have a second home in the area, we have very competitive connection rates so that you can access the Internet on a monthly or part-time basis to one of our internet services including our 4G and 3G MiFi Internet, or our WiMax and WiFi Internet services.

All of our services DO NOT REQUIRE A LANDLINE, consequently you do not need to subscribe or waste money paying for an unnecessary telephone landline service, or dealing with the likes of Telefonica etc.


‘Here on Holiday?

If you are down here on holiday, simply switch on your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and you should find one of our networks. Connect to our network and you will find our login page, where secure high speed access can be purchased by the hour, day, week or month. It is also possible to buy Pre-paid Scratch Cards from our offices or Hotspot locations that will enable you to access our services. So what are you waiting for?


Property on the Costa del Sol?

Y-Property: A specialist in luxury and affordable homes and high quality new developments in the Sitio de Calahonda area of the Costa del Sol. Our ‘sister’ company, Y-Internet has become one of the most trusted and leading names in the area and now we can bring our knowledge and expertise to your property!  See their featured property for sale in and around Calahonda and La Reserva de Marbella!

We can also help with Smart Homes for their clients!