Fiber Optic Internet

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The Y-Internet “Fiber Internet Service” provides download and upload speeds of up to 600Mb available, and includes the option at  Zero Cost Free International TV or with additional equipment FTA UK TV with 14 day catch up service! 

Simply choose between our three types of service, “Monthly Recurring”, “On/Off” or “Pay As you Go Service” where you simply pay a fee for the period of time you need internet from a single day to each every calendar month you need the service.  Alternatively to ensure the service is never interrupted by selecting our monthly recurring payment service.

Be Happy in the knowledge you are dealing with a company that will meet your needs backed up with the support of our UK Customer Service, Support and Technical Teams. Fiber Optic Internet Service offers a symmetrical fiber optic service covering the Málaga region covering the likes of Calahonda, Riviera, Reserva de Marbella, Nerja to Estepona, including all the popular areas of Benalmadena, Torrmolinos, La Cala de Mijas, Cabopino, Marbella and Puerto Banus.

  • Fibre optic internet speeds up to 600Mb available.  
  • Installation by UK installers/technicians within 24 hours!
  • Free Installation for minimum 12 month recurring customers.
  • English speaking technicians and customer service!
  • ON/OFF Service.  Only pay full price for the calander month you want internet!
  • FREE International TV, too!


The service enables private individuals, entire communities or businesses to obtain access to the internet via their very own Fiber To The Home (FTTH) connections.

With symmetrical speeds of  upto 600 Mb available, we are confident that our fiber service is a leading robust, reliable fiber product, backed up by the best customer service and technicians in the Costa Del Sol.

You are not just number to us, but a highly valued individual who trusts us to provide you with an essential service to you and your loved ones.  Consequently it is possible to get all the benefits that fiber provides, on a Pay As You Go or Contract basis, whilst still getting  access to the usual high level of professional customer service and support we are renowned for.


Enjoy FREE UK & International, and optionally UK ‘Free to Air’ TV with 14 Day Catchup!

All our fiber optic installations include access to international TV as standard, and additionally UK ‘FREE TO AIR’ TV  (FTA) channels.  For the UK FTA TV and 14 day catch up service you will need to have the necessary equipment to access it all,  but speak to us, we can help you with that, too!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are initial installation costs ?

Only necessary if you are a new customer and if your home is not already connected to the fiber network.  This will therefore require us to undertake a one off installation of the fiber cabling into your premises. This incurs a reasonable charge of only €60.  If yoiu subscribe to our recurring service for a minimum of 12 months then installation is FREE.  So do not delay as demand is high.

How is the connection provided when we want to use the service.

To get a fiber service you will require a router to be connected to your fiber cable.  You then simply pay the fee for any period / calander month you require services within; either on a adhoc PAYG basis, or via our monthly recurring and ON/OFF payment methods so the service you require is never interrupted.

How Secure is the WiFi signal and how far will it reach.

The internet service is provided by the use of a four port WiFi router.  The WiFi signal of the router uses WPA/WPA2 Authentication which is the same used by all high security WiFi services.  The WiFi signal of the router should provide simultaneous wireless connections to a great number of devices within your home.

When and How do i pay for the Fiber service?

Simply select how many days or calendar months of service you want the service activated within, and we will activate and deactivate your account as necessary. Please note the service runs from the 1st of a month to 6pm of the last day in the same month in recurring and ON/OFF services plans.  For example if you want the service to run from say the 15th of Feb to the 11th of March you would still need to pay for two months under the recurring & ON/OFF service plans, as the service required extends over the end of Feb and into a period of March. 

Alternatively use our PAYG service and you can pay for a single day.  Note recurring payments are easily cancelled, and the service will be charged for the next month on the last day of the preceding month until you cancel your subscription. Or if you prefer for longer term contracts we can take payment via Direct Debit.

Who is responsible for the router whilst it is installed?

The router remains the property of internet provider and must be returned should you stop paying at any time for the internet service, and any loss or damage is the responsibility of the customer.

Is there a minimum rental period ?

The simple answer is No.  You could have the service for as little as one day on our PAYG service.  However as soon as the service is not being paid for the router must be returned to Y-Internet until you next need the service.

How do i know if you can provide us with your Fiber Service ?

We can currently connect over 100,000 homes within the Costa Del Sol.  So there is a very high chance we can provide you with our Fiber Service.  Simply contact us to find out if your address has coverage.