Special Offers

Special Offers


4G Internet

For those who want to use our 4G Internet internet services we are the longest established and leading provider of 4G high speed internet to the expat community,


Free Conversion from your Existing Service Provider

We are constantly being asked if we can convert equipment provided and used to connect to our 4G service, the simple answer is YES, we will do this for free if your equipment is suitable, either already installed or we can remotely guide you how to reprogramme it to connect to the our better priced and better performing internet services.  Remember by purchasing your 4G Internet through Y-Internet not only will you get the best service possible and a price that beats the competition but you will also get access to the best customer support available in English.

After all why should you suffer being overcharged for the equipment in the first place, and then asked to continually pay excessively monthly costs for a sub standard poor performing 4G connection.

So there is no excuse not to be connected to the best 4G internet service provider, so  get converted fast for FREE call us today on 952932266.


Full Time Residents Complete Home Internet Services

We have been providing for over 10 years fast and highly reliable 4G, connections.  None of our internet solutions require a landline and do not require you to deal with any other company such as Telefonica etc.  So if you want to deal with one of the longest established independent internet service providers that speaks your language, contact us without delay and look no further.


The Best 4G Providers in Spain and the Costa del Sol

With the level of service and prices charged by Y-Internet there is no excuse not to be connected to the internet with the best possible equipment, at the lowest possible on going connection costs, and all by a company that provides a service from start to finish.  So if you want to deal directly with the leading provider of Internet services without any issues, then contact us  without delay, and get the professional service your money deserves.


Have More Questions?

If you have any further questions about our 4G Internet services or even regarding our special offers, please do not hesitate to contact or call us on Tel 952932266.