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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.  Before calling the office, check our FAQs to see if your question is already answered!  We speak to many clients each day and, after over a decade, have a pretty good idea of the most popular questions and enquiries!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ, Residential Installation

Accounts with a Residential Installation of a receiver and a router:

1. What is the cost of an installation, how long does it take and what do I get?
The cost is 175€ plus tax = 211.75€. We will come to your property and carry out a free site survey, then we will install a receiver and a 4 port wireless router. This will provide a wireless signal within your property.  For an appointment we would normally require 48 hours notice but at busy times this can be up to 7 days. The install takes around 1-2 hours.  All of our technicians speak English.
2. What happens if I move house?
If we can get you a signal in your new house then the charge for a de and re installation would be 100€. If we cannot get you a signal or do not cover that area then the account will be cancelled.
3. What happens if I rent my apartment out, can they use my internet and how do we arrange this?

This is your decision to give your encryption key out to your renters, if you do and you have a pay as you go account then they can then contact the office on 952 932 266, they can come to the office to pay or they can pay online through Paypal by credit / debit card.

If you have a yearly account, it would mean that when you give out the encryption code they will have access to this and will not need to pay.

We do not recommend the data limited account if you are renting the property or have children due to the amount of data that they would consume.

4. What happens if I have an issue with my internet, would I need a technician to come to my property?
You can report an issue by email to cs@y-internet.com or call 952932266. We will try and solve the issue within 1 hour, if not then it would be passed to the technical team, this would take a further hour. If we have to come out to you then there will be a 30 euro call out charge.
5. If I pay cash and I am late in paying will I still get internet?
NO, the internet will cut off automatically without payment on the last day of the month.

FAQ – Residential Monthly Direct Debit 12 Month Contracts

1. How do I set up an account with you once I have determined that I can get the login screen?
This can be done over the phone or in the office.
2. What happens if I want to cancel before the end of my contract?
You would need to give a month’s notice.
3. What happens if my direct debit gets returned?
You will be charged 10 euros charge plus your monthly cost.
4. What happens if I go on holiday for a month and don’t need the internet?
You still need to pay.
5. Is there a data allowance on this account?
There is a fair user policy of 360gb per year on the up to 3mb account and a fair user policy of 600gb per year on the up to 6mb account, you would not be cut off if you exceeded this but your speed may be slowed if the usage is excessive and consistent.
6. If there is an issue with payment will I still get internet?
We would normally give a client 24 hours to pay any outstanding fees before the account would expire.

150 Euro Yearly Accounts with a 60gb total data limit.

1. What happens when I exceed my 60gb limit?
You can purchase a block of 60gb ONCE, this will still expire when the original account expires. Or we can change you to a different service plan.
2. Can I use two computers?
Yes if you have our equipment installed, if not then one user at a time.
3. Do I get a reminder when my yearly account has expired?
You get sent an email 1 month before, then 2 weeks before then a text then a call if no contact is made from you.
4. Can I use Skype?
Yes but if you are video streaming then this will use your data very quickly.
5. Can I use Facebook and Youtube
Yes, but remember you only have a 60gb total limit, these sites use a lot of data.
6. How can I pay for the renewal of my account?
You can come to the office and pay, pay by bank transfer or credit over the phone (3% charge).
7. What is 60gb?
This is the total data limit you are allowed, if you are downloading films, music, using FB, Youtube, ect., then this will be used up very quickly.
8. Can I check my data limit myself?
9. Can I watch TV on this package?
No, as there is not sufficient data.

Part Time Access

1. I only visit Spain a few times a year, do I still have to pay monthly?
No, you just pay for when you are here.
2. Do I have to have a residential install to gain access to your internet?
You may be able to gain access via one of our hotspots by searching for a wireless signal, click to connect to the signal then if you receive the log in screen you can purchase on line through PayPal by a credit/debit card.
3. What speeds will I get on a PAYG service?
You can pay for either up to 3mb-6mb.
4. Is there a data limit?
5. How do I Pay?

Internet access can be paid for by the following methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash in the office or Credit card (3% charge).

There is no contract for this account.

FAQ – Rebooting your Internet Connection

If you are experiencing problems with your internet connection, the first thing to try is to reboot (re-start) the power supply to your Nanostation Receiver (Fig.3). Follow this simple procedure. It is important that you follow the instructions in the order shown.

You can also download a PDF version of this document for future reference. (Click to view, or right click to download.)

  1. Go to your wireless router (Fig.1). At the back, there is a blue connector, marked ‘WAN’. Check that your network cable is connected to the WAN socket and the other end to the Nanostation Power Supply (Fig.2) in to the socket marked ‘LAN’.
  2. Now check that the cable, plugged in to the ‘POE’ socket on your Nanostation Power Supply (Fig.2), is securly connected to your Nanstation (Fig.3).
  3. With your Nanostation Power Supply (Fig.2), unplug the power cable from the electricity socket.
  4. Wait for 15 minutes. This allows the power supply to discharge itself. You will see the little, green light go out.
  5. Plug the electricity cable back in to the wall socket.
  6. Wait a moment for the Nanostation Power Supply (Fig.2) to re-initialize. After a minute, or so, the lights will stop flashing.
  7. Let the blinking lights stabilize on your wireless router (Fig.1).
  8. Now turn your computer/laptop/games console back on. You should now have access to the internet. If not, contact our Customer Services team.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, Y-Internet.com Costa del Sol, Spain.



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