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Y-Internet understands the need to provide access to our internet services over our entire network, no matter if you are a full time resident, part-time resident or a ‘one-off’ visitor.


Full Time Resident Internet Packages

Prices Applicable From Feb 2016

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Part-Time Residential Packages

Y-Internet understand that many second home owners with a property in Spain do not want to commit to an all-year-round service that requires a monthly subscription.

Consequently, Y-Internet have several special packages available for part-time residents.

PAYG: Click here to buy access for short periods of time, from as little as one hour.

Special PTR Yearly Set Data Bundle Package: Click here to contact us, to obtain further information on our all-year-available service plan, giving you download speeds of up to 3Mb with a set 60 Gigabyte Annual Total Data Usage Bundle, for the equivalent of only just over €10.00 + IVA per month.


One-Off Visitors / Holiday Makers

Y-Internet prides itself in providing a service whereby the one-off visitor is able to gain internet access for various periods of time, that suit their individual needs, starting from as little as one hour. Before buying such a service, you should ensure that you can connect to one of our wireless signals and are then able to see our login screen, via your internet browser.

For more information about our instant access prices.

Why Y-Internet?

Key Benefits why you should use Y-Internet over our direct competitors:

  • Internet Access
  • Multiple Methods of Payment
  • Secure Environment
  • Convenience and Flexibility
  • Locations across the Costa del Sol
  • Cheaper than Telefonica
  • Cheaper than 3G Dongles


Go Where You Want, Get What You Want

Go Where You Want Get What You Want

Step into a world of freedom and enjoy your life the way it’s meant to be.

Y-Internet Wireless Broadband lets you take charge like never before. That’s because Y-Internet Wireless Broadband frees you from your desktop, and offers you the convenience of web access beyond the home and office. Do more wherever you are and get connected wirelessly over a cup of coffee or meal, and still be on top of things!

Foster Global Telecommunications S.L. (FGT) has developed a wireless internet network providing access across the Costa Del Sol. There is no need for a Telefonica telephone line to access our services. Our system is specifically designed to implement a wide variety of access plans – from one-hour “scratch cards” through to monthly and annual service plans. Whilst optimizing our clients browsing experience we ensure and maintain a high degree of security.



You can surf the Internet on a wireless connection at your convenience – in the office , at home or at any hotspot around the Costa de Sol. With wireless broadband, you can shop online, send emails, chat with friends on the Internet, and do many Internet-related activities at any location within Y-internet’s Signal Area.



Surf With your laptop/PDA and a wireless network interface card (NIC), you can experience fast Internet surfing at any wireless location. This allows you the flexibility to connect to the Internet without being constrained by wires and a fixed physical location.



Increase your productivity by accessing the Internet at broadband speeds during off-site meetings, seminars, conventions, exhibitions and even during your coffee break at locations that are wirelessly-enabled.