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Unlimited 4G Internet Service from Y-Internet.

4G Internet offers much higher speeds than WiMax, 3G and ADSL connections.

Depending on where you are, you can expect download speeds of up to 70Mb and upload speeds of 30 Mb – that’s really fast!

Additionally our 4G routers allow many devices to connect at the same time, both wired and wireless and it’s fast enough for the whole family to be connected at the same time, even whilst watching High Definition IPTV.

Available in Pay As You Go (PAYG), Monthly or even discounted Annual contract options, this service provides flexible super high speed connectivity where others can’t even reach.

Ideal for permanent, part time residents and holiday rentals.  Available without fuss or delay, this makes high speed internet access available to all.

With super-fast download speeds of up to 70 Mbps and fast upload speeds, this is a service that trumps all others. Add to this, unlimited data usage on Telefonicas first whopping 400 gigs of data, this is ideal for multiple simultaneous users, IPTV, Netflix, BBC i-Player, Sky Go and so much more.

“4G Internet Unlimited – Up-to 70 Meg Download Speeds”




Free Trial






Weekly From €10.12 + IVA


Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly Rentals

None Permanent

Unlimited Data Usage (1)

Perfect Solution For IPTV Usage (2)

Supports Multiple Heavy Users

Connect up to 30 Devices

€100 Router Deposit if Local

Perfect for short term rentals

Monthly Eqv From €37.12 + IVA

4G Contract

2 Month Minimum Period

Requires 4G

Unlimited Data Usage / Great for Netflix etc (1) 

Perfect Solution For IPTV Usage (2)

Supports Multiple Heavy Users

Connect up to 30 Devices

Router €100

Perfect for Permanent / 2nd Home / Longer Term Visitors


The ultimate wire free solution providing the best in class fantastic internet speeds of up to 70 Mb download speeds; with the additional advantage of flexible location solution options.

Quite simply this is the package for multiple heavy users all surfing at the same time needing a faster than average connection. This package supports simultaneous fast internet surfing, home working solutions, Smart Home Automation and Smart Home Security services.

Consequently if your household has multiple internet users, this is the package for you.


4G Internet Summary – Fast, Reliable, Flexible

  • Up-to 70 MB Wire Free Connections available.
  • Brilliant for full / part-time residents and holiday lets.
  • Instant availability and connection.
  • If you already have your own 4G router, this will work perfectly with it.
  • Unlimited Data (1).
  • Flexible connectivity options from as little as three days for local customers.
  • Requires no traditional wired connections or outdoor equipment, these connections are available where others fail to reach!
  • Fantastic for remote homes, camper vans, caravans etc.
  • Utilises Spain’s biggest 4G networks Telefonica or Vodafone.
  • English speaking Technicians & Customer Service.
  • Costa Del Sols longest established Expat Focused 4G, Fiber and WiMax company with over 2 Decades of technical experience and service.


4G stands for “4th Generation”. That means the 4th generation of telecommunications technology.  4G does not rely on your telephone line or outdoor equipment. It uses the same technology as your mobile phone.


Monthly service.

€49 per month, minimum of 2 months contract. Requires a router to be purchased unless one is already owned.

Yearly service.

€539 (11 months + 1 free month). Requires a router to be purchased unless one is already owned.

Pay as you Go service.

€20 3 days
€25 1 week
€40 2 weeks
€55 1 month

Each week or part thereafter €15

Any period less than one month is only available to local customers who can collect the necessary Sim from our office.


Sim Only Service.

  1. Minimum rental period is one-month PAYG (€55), or two-months contract (2 * €49).
  2. Payable on order.
  3. All prices include applicable taxes.
  4. Note Sim activation can take up to 24 hours after time of request.
  5. Any extension of rental requirement has to be paid 72 hours before expiry of existing period.


Additional Information.

Please note: For local customers we offer a, drop off – install service, and a, collection – pickup service, for only €15 each, or €20 for both if booked at time of supply.

All services (except “Sim Only” require a €100 deposit for the 4G router, fully refundable upon return for local customers.  Customers outside the local area of our office in Calahonda will need to buy a 4G router from us or have their own.

For additional information and Frequently Asked Questions please “CLICK HERE”.

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    (1) Data usage is unlimited but all Internet packages have a Fair User Policy (FUP).  Once a packages associated FUP is exceeded in any month the connectivity speed will be reduced so that basic surfing will still be possible.
    FUP for 4G Internet over Telefonica service is 400 Gigs Per Month.  Thats a huge amount of data. After the first 4oo gigs per month speed is reduced to 128 kbps.
    FUP for 4G Internet PAYG is 10 Gigs Per day.