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Home Security with Your Smart Home.  Switch lights and sounds on and off, see security cameras, even speak to any would-be intruders, as soon as you are notified on your phone of a possible break-in to your home.  Instant security from anywhere in the world!

Protect and control your home when you’re not there!  A Smart Security Home can pretend you’re in the house and tell you exactly what happens, and when.  Motion sensors and fire & flood detectors and more will keep you informed of everything!  Come to our offices in Calahonda to see what you can do, we’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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Home Security with Your Smart Home

A “smart home security system” is a set of internet-connected security devices, which typically include a combination of wireless security cameras, sirens, motion detectors, door locks, and sensors that detect when a door or window has been opened.  The system will then tell you immediately of any potential intrusion, via your smart phone.

Instantly see live video of your property, in full HD quality!

Home Security Packages

Naturally, you are absolutely free to design your own home security package and we’ll be only to happy to help you through the maze of options and variations, but to make things a little more simple, we’ve put together three basic Home Security Kits, shown below.  All three packages feature the Google Home Hub controller device with TP-Link Cameras, Smart Plugs and Smart Bulbs.

We have tried a number of devices from a number of manufacturers, most of whom you will have heard of, and we have come to the conclusion that the Google system is a little more intuitive and a little more integratable than the Amazon systems.  We have put together three home security packages to suit every home!

  • Package A.  The Beginner’s Kit.  If you’re new to Smart Home Security, this is the package for you!  One Google Home Hub Controller, two indoor cameras and two smart plug sockets to switch devices in your home on and off.
  • Package B.  The Intermediate.  You’re a little familiar with new smart devices and want to upgrade or integrate further smart devices.  One Google Home Hub Controller, six security cameras (two outdoor and four indoor), four smart plugs to control electrical devices and three smart light bulbs to make sure your property looks busy!
  • Package C.  Big House, Big Security.  This package is for those who want to secure larger homes or commercial properties.  One Google Home Hub Controller with twelve cameras (four outdoor and eight indoor), six smart sockets and six smart light bulbs.


Package A.  The Beginner’s Smart Security Kit. €203.00

  • 1 x Google Home Hub Controller
  • 2 x Indoor Security Cameras
  • 2 x Smart Plug Sockets
  • Installation Included (subject to conditions)


Package B.  The Intermediate Smart Security Kit.  €531.00

  • 1 x Google Home Hub Controller
  • 2 x Outdoor Security Cameras
  • 4 x Indoor Cameras
  • 4 Smart Plugs
  • 3 x Smart Light Bulbs
  • Installation Included (subject to conditions)


Package C.  The Professional Smart Security Kit.  €920.00

  • 1 x Google Home Hub Controller
  • 4 x Outdoor Security Cameras
  • 8 x Indoor Cameras
  • 6 x Smart Sockets
  • 6 x Smart Light Bulbs
  • Installation Included (subject to conditions)


All above prices are subject to IVA and installation is dependent upon your location and size of the property to be secured.  Get in touch for details.

Example Smart Home Security Devices

Security Cameras

Y-Internet can supply and install a wide variety of smart security camera equipment.  We have invested heavily in stock and research to find the best options for your home security system.  We can supply a range of indoor and outdoor, weather resistant cameras with a range of options.  Some cameras can be remotely controlled by your smart phone, so you can look around , zoom in and out and get a much better picture of your home.

WiFi Light Bulbs & Plug Sockets

We can supply LED smart bulbs, smart electricity sockets, video door bells and much more besides.  The LED bulbs we offer not only offer very pleasant .lighting for your home, they can also be used to alert any would-be intruder that someone is in the house, with, if you want, all the lights in your house flashing on and off, really attracting the attention of your neighbours.  the same can be said about smart plugs, which can be set to turn on a loud radio, a TV, even a tumble dryer.

Security and Smart Hubs

You may have seen Amazon Echos and Google Home Hubs before, but you may not have heard them working.  For such small devices, the sound quality and volume is very impressive.  With a hub, you can speak to any intruder, letting him know you are calling the police.  These devices can also be set to trigger dog barking noises when any intrusion is detected!

A Genuinely Useful Alarm System

How many times have you heard a car alarm go off?  Did you even blink an eye?  No, us neither.  Alarms are so common that we forget that something may be wrong, in fact, they are often seen as more of a nuisance than a call for help.

Now consider this potential scenario –  Let’s say an intruder sets off one of your motion sensors or tries to tamper with one of your smart locks.  All of the sudden, ALL of your indoor and outdoor lights begin to flash repeatedly while the alarm sounds, plus the TV blaring, too!  This would certainly draw the attention of the entire block and make the perpetrator visible to everybody. Do you think he’s going to continue into your living room and rummage through your belongings?  No, we don’t think so.

Also, when the alarm is triggered, you can program every single TV in your home to react by pulling up your security cameras, including your video doorbell camera, and you will know exactly where the intrusion occurred.  They don’t call these things ‘smart’ for no reason!

Be In, When You’re Not In

Features and options vary from device to device, but it is possible to configure your Y-Internet home security system to make it look as though someone is home.  Lights, TVs, radios, even kettles, washing machines or vacuum cleaners can be triggered, to give the appearance of someone home.  These clever systems will not repeat the same pattern each day, but will vary activity in your home to give a very convincing display of natural movement, around your property.

Not Just Burglaries

The purpose of sensors in a smart home is to detect ‘anomalies’ and then alert you.   Clearly, someone looking to break in to your property would be one of those ‘anomalies’, but not the only one.  Sensors can be configured to detect fire, smoke, even flooding.  We understand that having the knowledge of a flood at your property when you’re 3,000 miles away may not seem too useful, but it absolutely gives you the opportunity to minimise any damage by alerting any relevant services as quickly as possible.

Smart Homes Offer Peace of Mind

The latest range of wifi-connected smart devices really are great to see!  Get in touch with us to organise a time when we can show you just how good!  You can view your house cameras, manage the lights, close the garage door, or lock the doors. The possibilities are endless.