3G from Y-Internet

What is 3G?

3G is the shortened version of “3rd Generation”. That means the 3rd generation of mobile telecommunications technology.

Our 3G MiFi unlimited internet is actually based on our 4G unlimited internet service over the Telefonica network, which  gives you the ability to break away from your broadband router – you can take your connection to the garden, the beach, the mountains – mostly anywhere you can receive a mobile Telefonica 4G Internet or 3G internet signal.

The MiFi router is small – half the size of a mobile phone. Carry it with you (within Spain) and you have your own 4G / 3G unlimited internet WiFi Hotspot in Spain.  Connect up to 10 devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.)

Our 3G / 4G internet unlimited MiFi service offers download speeds of up to 70 Mb – far faster than many ADSL (fixed line) connections – plus the flexibility of being mobile.

And your downloads really are UNLIMITED. This makes 4G and 3G MiFi ideal for your IPTV!


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