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Best WISP Internet Provider – Y-Internet

Best WISP Internet Provider

Y-Internet.com is a high performance telecommunications operator, delivering fantastic services using a range of high cost equipment and infrastructure.  They specialise in best in class high quality telecommunication products to the WISP WiFi market. Besides offering a extensive Multilanguage service to locals, Y-Internet specifically provides services to clients who are either living abroad, or travelling extensively.

Y-Internet.com delivers internet access and telephone services primarily using a fibre optic and wireless (WiFi) supported network, without the use of the old style cable networks.  Indeed the reputation of the Costa Del Sol leading WiFi internet provider, Y-Internet.com has ensured that the general public of the Costa Del Sol region are well aware of of the WISP industry and the multiple advantages that Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) can bring to the region.

Y-Internet.com differs from other “2nd Tier” service providers such as Mercury Internet, VIP-Hotspots or RedNet5 in that Y-Internet are delivering internet, telephone and video solutions. Y-Internet.com who has grown over 300% every year for the past 5 years, operate the most wide reaching, robust and top performing wireless network in the entire Southern region of Spain.

As the best performing WISP WiFi network in Spain, Y-Internet.com is fully in control of their own wireless network, and are able to monitor and improve quality and performance as and when needed. The systems of Y-Internet.com are fully automated, so that should there be a problem for whatever reason with one of their Access Points, the routing of the network traffic will be automatically redirected.

Y-Internet.com is entirely independent and does not rely upon any of the large Spanish telecoms companies, such as Telefonica, BT, Orange or France Telecom to supply the backbone for their service.

Y-Interent.com is a privately held and financed company, the sole individual shareholder has invested heavily into developing the best in class wireless mesh network service, including major investment in research and development alongside major manufacturers, in internet WiFi product creation, over the past six years on the Costa Del Sol.

Y-Internet.com enables the customer to connect to any services they may wish to use, by offering the technology and network capacity the customer needs, when they need it, and where they need it.  Indeed the Y-Internet.com WiFi WISP internet system treats all of its clients as a Very Important Person VIP or Persons VIPs.

The background of Y-Internet.com is not solely about building and operating the fastest telecommunications networkon the Costa Del Sol, they also strive to inspire people, encouraging them to create communities and fostering the concept of innovation through communication.

Y-Internet.com pride themselves on the thriving communities they help communicate and link to the outside world via their Internet and WiFi Internet Services across the Costa Del Sol.  Over 200 individual communities have subscribed and are currently gaining great benefit for their community members from using the Y-Internet.com supplied technology and infrastructure.

Y-Internet.com is a fully licensed wireless operator, and is authorised by the Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones (CMT) to deploy and operate 5GHz, 2.4GHz and WiMax wireless networks in Spain.  As the WiMax standard is still to be agreed upon, Y-Internet.com have deployed a 5GHz wireless backbone network using MESH technology subsequently creating a network covering the region from Nerja to La Linea and beyond.  A consequence of this best in class WiFi internet networkY-Internet are helping many areas within the Costa Del Sol to overcome the shortfall of more traditional cable solutions, thereby bringing internet, WiFi, Video and telephone services to many “unconnected” communities across the region.

Alongside operating the largest commercial grade wireless network in the Costa Del Sol area, Y-Interent.com also design and manufacture their own wireless networking equipment and network management systems.