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Y-Internet are community internet specialists!  We supply bulk usage accounts to entire communities, through our extensive network.  We install all the necessary equipment to get your community fully online!  Flexible and affordable, Y-Internet are your first choice for community internet solutions!

Dear Visitor to the Community Solution Page

Thank you for taking the time to find and read this page, and of course for considering using the services of as the prefered WiFi provider to enable high speed internet services to be brought to your Community.

Below is just a basic summary of how your members can get a connection, and then goes on to describe how they can pay for their actual internet usage.

1. Costs of Service to the Community

There is no cost to the community for the equipment that would be installed to bring the service on to your community. All equipment is provided, installed and maintained by 100% FREE. The only cost that would be incurred by the community is the electrical costs of running the Community Access Point equipment. are the leading providers of community internet services and have installed over 200 Free Community systems over the last 5 years.

2. How can residents etc connect to the Community Access Points?

The location and number of Community Access Points installed will enable community members to connect to the Access Points in one of the following ways.

A) Laptop Only Where the user only wants to connect just a single laptop at a time, and they are close enough with clear line of sight to a Community Access Point, it may be possible to connect to the community signal with just the aid of their laptop.

B) USB Booster Where the user only wants to connect just a single laptop at a time, and they are NOT close enough to a Community Access Point to connect with just their laptop, they will need to purchase and use a WiFi USB booster. This equipment allows the users’ computer to increase its WiFi signal strength by up to 8 times more than the laptop on its own. can provide and help community members install a low cost but high performance WiFi USB booster on to their computer or laptop.

C) Residential Installation Where a community member wants to be able to connect more than one computer at a time, and/or from anywhere within their home they will need a residential installation. (Such an installation is also required where connection is not possible as per A or B above). A residential installation comprises of a sender / receiver module placed on the clients premises that then links to a 4 Port Wireless router within their property. This then allows them to connect as many items as they want (computers, PDAs X-box etc) to their very own private encrypted network. This would be offered to your community members at €150 plus tax which is below our normal installation cost, and more than half the price currently being suggested by our competitors.

3. How do residents pay for actual Access to the Internet?

If is authorised to install the community WiFi Access Points, we have the following internet usage options available to your community owners / residents /  holiday makers:

Full Time Residents Can pay monthly by Direct Debit at a cost of €25 plus tax per month based on a 12 month contract.

Part Time Resident For those who own a home but reside within the community for only part of the year we can provide an account which is usable for a 12 month continuous period with a total data allowance capped at 30 Giga Byte. This is available for a one off yearly fee of only €150.

PAYG (Pay As You Go) For those owners who only visit the community for example, a few weeks during the year, and none of the two options above are suitable, they can connect to our network and simply pay for the continuous time you want access. This is possible by opening an account at our office and then Pay as You Go; for e.g. 1 week continuous access €19, 2 weeks €29, 1 month €39.

One off Holidaymakers Can either buy a scratch card from our office located Local 11, Centro Commercial El Campanario, Avda De Espana, Calahonda ( near Lidl supermarket) or at any of our Hotspots for either: 1 hour, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. They can also pay online through Paypal from the login screen.