STB User Guide

Our Set Top Box is easy to use, just plug it in and you’re off! If however, you’re not sure about anything, read through our User Guides, below. You might find something new!

What Do I Get In The Box?

Check the contents of your new STB box.
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Do I Need Any Other Cables or Equipment?

To connect your STB to your internet router you will need to purchase either a WiFi dongle or an Ethernet cable of suitable length. If you intend to connect to your router via a WiFi dongle please ensure you use the recommended WiFi Dongle Tenda W311U+.
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Connect Your STB To Your TV

You can connect using the TV cable provided, but we recommend you purchase an HDMI cable for better viewing.
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Connect Your STB To The Internet

There are two ways to connect your STB to the internet – via cable or via wi-fi.
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How Do I Watch TV?

Our guide to using the remote control and menu system.
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How Do I Listen To The Radio?

Tune in to our 17 UK radio stations.
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Which Channels Have Your Catch-Up Service?

Our FREE, 14-day Catch-Up service is available on many TV channels.
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How Do I Use The Catch-Up Service?

Our guide on how to the Catch-Up service.
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Will IPTV Affect My Sky Box?

No, it won’t. The IPTV STB will connect to a different connector on your TV. Your TV will have a number of inputs, AV, SCART, HDMI, etc. You can choose which ports are used by which boxes.