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Miraflores 4G Internet

Miraflores 4G Internet Internet Connections.  Y-Internet.com are your first choice for fast, reliable internet connections around Miraflores on Mijas Costa!  We can supply super fast 4G or Wimax connections, either permanenet for residents or short term for visitors and holidaymakers.

4G Internet Riviera del Sol

4G Internet Riviera del Sol.  Y-Internet.com have been supplying Wimax internet to clients in Riviera del Sol for over a decade.  Now we can offer the fastes, most reliable and cheapest 4G internet, too!  Long-term and holiday maker accounts!  Speak to Y-Internet.com.

4G Internet in La Cala

WiFi Hotspots, Riviera del Sol

Living or staying in Riviera or Calahonda?  We can help with your 4G internet connection!  Short term or long, we have the perfect 4G package for you!  Fast and reliable connections at the best prices in Spain!  Riviera del Sol is also a WiFi Zone! Y-Internet cover large areas of Mijas Costa with Access Points serving WiFi signals to residents and holiday-makers, alike.  If you are, or are going to be, in Mijas Costa, we can help you with your internet connection.

Talk to Us about 4G Internet in Riviera


    About Riviera

    Riviera del Sol is a WiFi Zone! Y-Internet cover large areas of Riviera del Sol with Access Points serving WiFi signals to residents and holiday-makers, alike.

    If you are, or are going to be, in Riviera del Sol, we can help you with your internet connection.

    Riviera del Sol Residents

    If you live in Riviera del Sol – or are planning to live here – Y-Internet can help you with a WiFi connection in two ways…

    1. Direct Connection to one of our Access Points. This is the easiest. Just find the Y-Internet network with the strongest signal and buy however much time you need. No routers, no hardware, just pay and connect.
    2. Connection via ‘Nano’. A small box that will attach to the outside of your property and connect to a router, indoors. A more reliable signal and better performance, plus the ability to connect as many devices as you like! Depending on your needs, you may need to sign a contract for this service.

    See the options available and buy your permanent, or semi-permanent WiFi connection today!

    Not only WiFi! If you live in Riviera del Sol, we can now supply fibre-optic cable connections! This service is new for 2016, get in touch to talk to us!

    4G Internet Riviera del Sol

    If you’re on holiday and looking for a temporary connection, we can help! Our short-term connections cost from as little as just €3.00, with very competitive rates for one-week and two-week connections.

    Also, you can take you connection with you, when you’re out and about. If you’re on holiday and can see one of our many Access Points (‘AP’s) anywhere around Riviera del Sol or the Costa del Sol, you will be able to log on with your laptop or mobile device. Just make sure you log out of one, before logging in to another!

    See the prices and buy your temporary WiFi connection today!

    Reliable, flexible and available. Y-Internet WiFi connections are the ideal solution for your internet needs, whether resident, tourist or second home owner.

    Y-Internet have Riviera del Sol covered!


    Y-Internet.com, 4G in Spain

    Smart Home Security in La Cala de Mijas

    Smart home technology, or ‘home automation’, is the control of your home from anywhere in the world. Control and monitor devices such as lights, heating, cameras and sensors remotely via your phone or computer or with Google or Alexa.  Home Security with Your Smart Home.  Switch lights and sounds on and off, see security cameras, even speak to any would-be intruders, as soon as you are notified on your phone of a possible break-in to your home.  Instant security from anywhere in the world!

    Buying or Selling in Property in Elviria or the Costa del Sol?

    Speak to our ‘sister’ company, Y-Property.com!  Through our network of contacts and knowledge of the property on this region, we are best placed to help you make the right choice for your move.  Speak to us about property on the Costa del Sol!


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    Costa del Sol 4G

    Costa del Sol 4G – the cheapest in Spain!  Y-Internet.com can supply an outstanding 4G service at the very best price!  So many plans available, long-term for residents, shorter-term, ‘pay-as-you-go’ connections for holiday makers and visitors!  Fast, reliable and cheap 4G on the Costa del Sol, Spain!!

    4G Unlimited Internet Spain Cabopino

    Internet in Cabopino.  Y-Internet can supply your 4G Unlimited Internet, High Speed Fibre optic or WiMax internet services in Cabopino Port.  Puerto de Cabopino, is one of the most attractive settings on the southern coast of Spain. Puerto de Cabopino enjoys one of the best beaches in Andalucia.  Enjoy 4G Unlimited Internet Spain!