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Fuengirola 4G.  The 4G Max+ Internet Service from Y-Internet offers much higher speeds than WiMax, 3G and ADSL connections.  You can expect download speeds of up to 70Mb and upload speeds of 30 Mb (depending on your location) – that’s really fast!




4G Internet Spain.  It’s Fast!  It’s Unlimited!

Also, our 4G routers allow many devices to connect at the same time, both wired and wireless and it’s fast enough for the whole family to be connected at the same time, even whilst watching High Definition IPTV.

With super-fast download speeds of up to 70 Mbps and fast upload speeds, this is a service that trumps all others and provides access to FREE UK FTA IPTV. Add to this, unlimited data usage, with zero restrictions on every months first whopping 400 gigs of data, this is ideal for multiple simultaneous users, IPTV, Netflix, BBC i-Player, Sky Go and so much more.

Ideal for permanent, part time residents and holiday rentals.  Available without fuss or delay, this makes high speed internet access available to all.


Y-Internet.com, the leading Internet & 4G provider on the Costa del Sol

With offices in Sitio de Calahonda, Y-Internet are at the heart of the Costa del Sol, offering premium internet solutions for those living here permanently, or those visiting!  Our internet packages are tuned to your needs, so if you’re only here for a couple of months of the year, you only pay for a couple of months internet!


If you think we can help you, please get in touch!  Call our Calahonda office on (+34) 9

Fuengirola 4G Unlimited Internet, Fibre Internet, Wimax and Wimax Hotspots.

Fuengirola is an area of Spain that Y-Internet cover with their Spanish Unlimited 4G Internet in addition to Fibre installations and WiMax internet provisions.  Y-Internet provides 4G Internet Unlimited services to allow areas of Fuengirola to residents and holiday-makers, alike.

If you are going to be in Fuengirola on a short term or long term basis we can help you with your internet connection.


Since 2020  Y-Internet have the cheapest 4G Unlimited Internet in Spain from only €49 Inclusive per month.

We are please to announce that Y-Internet is able to offer Spains 4G Unlimited Internet direct to end users.

If you have an existing 4G router then it should NOT be necessary to incur the cost of a new router to use our Spanish Unlimited 4G Internet Service.

We can reprogram it for you at our offices.


For further details of our 4G Unlimited Internet Service in Spain  click Here


Fuengirola Residents

If you live in Fuengirola – or are planning to live here – Y-Internet can help you with Spains cheapest 4G Unlimited Internet, Fibre or Wimax  connections in many different ways…

  1. Direct Connection to one of our Access Points. This is the easiest. Just find the Y-Internet network with the strongest signal and buy however much time you need. No routers, no hardware, just pay and connect.
  2. Connection via ‘Nano’. A small box that will attach to the outside of your property and connect to a router, indoors. A more reliable signal and better performance, plus the ability to connect as many devices as you like! Depending on your needs, you may need to sign a contract for this service.
  3. Y-Internets Spanish Fuengirola 4G Unlimited Internet Service on the Telefonica Network.  First 400 gigs of data unhindered in any way.  From €49 Inclusive Per Month.  Click Here for more details about our 4G Unlimited Internet Service in Fuengirola in Spain.
  4. Y-Internet “Fuengirola Fiber Internet Service provides download and upload speeds of up to 600Mb, and includes the option at  Zero Cost fantastic FTA UK TV! Click here for more details regarding Y-Internets Fibre Internet Service.  Simply choose between our “On/Off” service where you can have our Fiber Service from only one day or enjoy cheaper monthly costs by taking a two month minimum contract. Click Here for more details about our 4G Fibre Internet Service in Fuengirola.


Visitors to Fuengirola

If you’re on holiday and looking for a temporary connection, we can help!  Our short-term Spanish 4G Unlimited Internet connections or Wimax connections cost from as little as just €3, with very competitive rates for one-week and two-week connections.

Also, you can take you connection with you, when you’re out and about. If you’re on holiday and can see one of our many Access Points (‘AP’s) anywhere around Fuengirola, you will be able to log on with your laptop or mobile device. Just make sure you log out of one, before logging in to another!


See the prices and buy your temporary WiMax connection today!

Reliable, flexible and available. Y-Internet WiFi connections are the ideal solution for your internet needs, whether resident, tourist or second home owner.

Y-Internet have Fuengirola covered!


Smart Homes with Y-Internet.com

Smart home technology, or ‘home automation’, is the control of your home from anywhere in the world. Control and monitor devices such as lights, heating, cameras and sensors remotely via your phone or computer or with Google or Alexa.  Home Security with Your Smart Home.  Switch lights and sounds on and off, see security cameras, even speak to any would-be intruders, as soon as you are notified on your phone of a possible break-in to your home.  Instant security from anywhere in the world!

Buying or Selling in Property in Elviria or the Costa del Sol?

Speak to our ‘sister’ company, Y-Property.com!  Through our network of contacts and knowledge of the property on this region, we are best placed to help you make the right choice for your move.  Speak to us about property on the Costa del Sol!