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Broadband Internet from  We’ve been delivering reliable, fast internet to residents and visitors to Spain and the Costa del Sol for over a decade.  Now we have the cheapest 4G Internet in Spain!  It’s flexible, fast and affordable!

Broadband Internet

Whether you’re planning on moving to Spain in the near future or are already resident here, one of the first things to organise is your internet connection of some sort or another!  In fact, the vast majority of us can’t go a few minutes without logging into social media websites, checking our emails or catching up on our favourite IPTV British soap’s online.

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    So what are your options, how much will it cost and who are the best broadband internet providers in Spain? can offer the following internet services

  has created the best Wimax network on the Costa del Sol. Using only the highest quality network infrastructure, can offer you a reliable internet service where many companies can’t reach!

    Get a high-speed Internet connection in your home without interruptions. We guarantee you the best speed so that you can browse and watch your favourite TV channels when you’re in Spain, with no download limit.  We have an Internet solution to meet your needs. Choose our long-term contracts for residents or our ‘pay-as-you-go’ service for visitors and holiday-makers.

    With offices in Sitio de Calahonda, Y-Internet are at the heart of the Costa del Sol, offering premium internet solutions for those living here permanently, or those visiting!  Our internet packages are tuned to your needs, so if you’re only here for a couple of months of the year, you only pay for a couple of months internet!


    If you think we can help you, please get in touch!  Call our Calahonda office on (+34) 952 932 266, email or drop in to see us in CC El Campanario, just next to Lidl.

    Do you own property on the Costa del Sol?  These are turbulent times for buyers and sellers of property here in Mijas and Marbella.  Speak to our ‘sister’ company for the best advice buying or selling property in Spain.