SW Update

Software Upgrade is Required Due to Additional Account Information Services Being Added

How To Update Your STB Software/Firmware

Please note that we are making some changes to bring additional account information services to our customers. This requires you to update the software in your Set Top Box (STB)

We will be implementing the necessary changes in the very near future.

Please follow the relevant instructions below and update your Set Top Box software as follows, to avoid interruption to your TV Services.

Once the changes are made, if your STB has the wrong software in it you will see a “Warning Message” to explain that your STB needs updating.

Select which currently best describes you…

  1. You Are a Client currently able to watch TV
  2. You see a message on your TV screen, “Firmware of your STB is outdated.”
  3. You have a Brand New MAG 250 that has not yet been used.
  4. Update Set Top Box via USB Pen Drive.